rFpro Digital Model of Millbrook Proving Ground announced in a video describing their ADAS and Autonomous testing capabilities.

Millbrook Proving Ground have released a short video that describes how rFpro are building a Digital Model of their test facility so that their OEM and T1 customers can develop and test their vehicle systems, in simulation, ahead of visits to the real proving ground with physical prototypes. In particular the video focuses on the use of Millbrook for the testing and validation of ADAS and Autonomous systems.

Driving simulation at Digital Models of real-world facilities allows customers to get more value from their real testing, achieving correlation with their simulated testing and ensuring complete preparation ahead of every real test so that no minute of physical testing time is wasted. When a corner case is identified during physical testing, the systems may be tuned and calibrated offline, in simulation, ahead of the next visit with a physical prototype.

In particular, with ADAS and Deep Learning Autonomous testing, the product being engineered is not physical, like a steering system or suspension component. Instead it is almost entirely software based. The rFpro digital model allows customers to perform overnight regression testing and apply traditional software engineering techniques to their vehicle system development projects. Development timescales are reduced and product reliability is improved.

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