rFpro is an engineering-grade simulation environment for the automotive and motorsport industries. It’s used for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, vehicle dynamics and human factor studies – essentially anything that involves driving a vehicle.

rFpro’s automotive customers are the world’s largest car manufacturers, tier one suppliers and sensor developers. We enable them to simulate, test and validate new sensors, control systems and vehicle hardware systems. The top 10 OEMs that were early adopters of rFpro technology have already launched road cars which started their development, not on a test track, but in a virtual environment using rFpro.

In motorsport we are the market leader of professional driver-in-the-loop simulator software – our customers are champions of every leading motorsport category. We also maintain the largest library of digital road models, including public roads, proving grounds, test tracks and race circuits for F1, NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, Indy, Formula E, Super-GT and Australian V8 Supercars.

Founded in 2007 and now owned by AB Dynamics plc, rFpro is renowned for the detail and fidelity of its environment models, for the performance and flexibility of its simulation software, and for the agility and responsiveness of its support services. rFpro can be integrated into all the main hardware platforms and provides plug-ins for a range of other simulation-related software products that our customers use.

We are a focused team of highly skilled people who are passionate about what we do. Based in Romsey, UK, we also have offices in Germany, Japan and the USA.




Simulation Software

rFpro accelerates the development and testing of autonomous vehicles, ADAS, vehicle dynamics and human factor studies, offering cost efficiencies and ensuring quality products are brought to market more quickly. Compared to real-world testing, simulation can be done earlier in the design process, more quickly, at lower cost, more safely and in greater quantity and variety. It does not replace physical, real-world testing – instead the two approaches complement one another with simulation providing a crucial layer which enables the vast number of testing scenarios and conditions required to be achieved.

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Digital Models

At the core of simulation is the ability to develop vehicles, their components and sensors in a suitable range of virtual environments. We maintain the world’s largest digital model library of real-world locations, including iconic cities and landscapes, prestigious proving grounds and famous race circuits. All of which have high levels of detail and fidelity in terms of geometric, visual, LiDAR and radar characteristics.

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// History of rFpro

rFpro began in 2007 as a project within a Formula 1 team where performance, speed of response and simulation of the fastest, most dynamic road vehicle on earth was all that mattered.  It was this single-minded focus that led to the adoption of rFpro by OEMs and T1s for vehicle dynamics simulation. Owned by the AB Dynamics plc since 2019, our driving simulator solutions are being used by almost all of the top 10 largest OEMs in the world, as well as many other OEMs and T1s for virtual test programmes of conventional and autonomous vehicles, vehicle subsystems and control systems. Although the engineering cycle for road cars is measured in years, there are now cars on sale today, from the Top 10 OEMs who were early adopters of rFpro technology, whose chassis and drivetrain testing and calibration began in rFpro. They were quick to take advantage of our software to reduce their costs and minimise delays in the engineering process.