Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Spa is one of the most iconic tracks on the F1 calendar. It is also extremely large, covering an area of nearly 6km2.

Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Key Features

Extreme variations in track altitude, and a huge variation in vehicle speed, make the determinism of TerrainServer between timesteps and runs essential.


The size of Spa means that we must optimise our high-definition track surface to allow deterministic queries of tyre contact patches. At a resolution of 1cm x 1cm, this surface could occupy 50,625,733,000 points at 64 bytes per point – over 3GB of data. Querying any four tyre positions in such a large data set is challenging, but TerrainServer can complete these queries at up to 8kHz per tyre.


Popular with our Formula 1 and World Endurance Championship  (WEC) customers, our digital model of Spa is a comprehensive test of a vehicle dynamics model. Aerodynamic grip (in the high speed corners), drag (down the Kemmel Straight) and low-speed performance (in the Bus Stop and La Source) ensure this is a challenging circuit to optimise for.

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