Circuit De Monaco

Monaco is considered to be the “jewel in the crown” of the Formula 1 season. Nelson Piquet famously compared driving a lap of Monaco to riding a bicycle around your living room. This exceptional route hosts one of the most prestigious Grand Prix races in the world.  Learn more about our Monaco digital model below;


Circuit De Monaco

Key Features

As a road circuit, it’s possible for the positions of kerbs and barriers to vary from one year to the next, or between Formula 1 and Formula E. Our Track Maintenance programme allows customers to run the latest known layout, and our Track Walk Maintenance in Formula E requires customers to submit GPS locations of temporary features for a last-minute update.


The famous tunnel is a significant challenge for DIL simulators. Realistically displaying an image to the driver to emulate the human eye’s reaction to extreme variations in lighting, on projectors and screens with a much lower Dynamic Range, is a problem that varies between customer setups. We render the scene in full-precision HDR and then use variable tone-mapping to provide a projector-friendly output that mimics the behaviour of the human eye.


As the definitive street circuit – where overtaking is extremely hard – outright qualifying pace is very important, and small mistakes are severely punished. Most customers use a Monaco-specific steering rack for the hairpin. Specific setup requirements for both of these attributes can be fine-tuned before teams even arrive at the track. A very popular circuit model with our Formula 1 and Formula E customers.

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