Circuit De La Sarthe – Le Mans

Le Mans is one of the world’s historic race circuits; the 24-hour race is still considered to be a unique challenge that manufacturers use to distinguish themselves – whether in LMH, LMDh, GTPro or GTAm. Multi-class racing is not common; the day/night cycle makes this one of the few motorsport circuits where headlights are essential!

Le Mans

Key Features

The variety of vehicles driven at Le Mans means that traffic is often a problem. rFpro allows customers to inject traffic vehicles at strategic points to ensure that drivers are able to choose appropriate points to overtake.


The 24-hour race period effectively demonstrates how rFpro’s realistic weather and lighting are used to display variable conditions to the driver. We can also emulate the changeable weather conditions in this part of France using our rain and wet track surface technology.


Our new artificial lighting profiles – and controllable headlights – allow customer to perform back-to-back comparisons between light designs and control strategies. With little environmental lighting around the circuit, and very high closing speeds between cars, this is the ultimate demonstration of how headlights and taillights can affect a driver’s confidence. Utilised by WEC teams, from LMH to LMDh and GTPro. We have customers in all Le Mans classes.

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