Real Time

// Real-time driver and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)

Since 2007, rFpro has been the leading simulation solution for real-time driver-in-the loop (DiL) and hardware- in-the-loop (HiL) driving testing. We have a proven track record in delivering the highest fidelity environment models possible, whilst doing so in a highly efficient real-time ready form, all with the lowest possible system latency.

Vehicle Dynamics Development

Importance of testing in real time

Testing system designs, as deployed onto real hardware or as displayed and experienced by real humans is essential as early as possible in the product design cycle. Pulling this even earlier through the use of simulation helps to save huge amount of program time and drastically reduces the costs of modifications to the designs. Real hardware and real humans have to operate in real time and rFpro is uniquely placed in the simulation market having both real-time and the highest fidelity synchronous simulation options available for our customers to use, reusing the same test assets for both situations.

rFpro’s flexible APIs and plugin architecture allow both cutting edge DiL simulators and newly HiL integrations to take rFpro’s simulation and display it to human drivers (and now passengers) as well as to the “eyes” of the vehicles by directly injecting virtual camera, LiDAR and radar sensor output into physical autonomous driving ECUs. Learn more about our real-time HiL testing.

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