rFpro are double Queen’s Award Winners

We are delighted to announce that rFpro has been recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise with a double award.  They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses.  It’s an accolade to inspire any business and very few have achieved dual success in one year.  It’s doubly satisfying for rFpro not only because of the number of awards that we get to take back to the office, but because it shows recognition of the growing importance of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technologies. It gives us a feeling of great pride to know that rFpro is helping to bring these technologies to market sooner.

The move towards autonomous vehicles is a colossal moment for the automotive industry and represents a step-change moment for mobility. The automotive industry is investing billions on developing the technologies and we are on the cusp of a landmark moment for vehicle, road and pedestrian safety.

We are incredibly proud of the work rFpro is doing to help provide tangible improvements to road safety and to be honoured in both the Innovation and International Trade categories of the Queen’s Awards is immensely satisfying. It is just reward for the team here and the immense effort they all put in day to day.

According to the World Health Organization last year, 1.35 million people are killed in road accidents globally each year. It’s a startling number made more shocking by the statistic that over half of these deaths are of vulnerable road users; pedestrians, cyclists and bikers.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outlined a target to halve this figure by 2020. This may appear ambitious, but the fact that we are on our way to meeting this goal demonstrates the speed of ADAS development and adoption by vehicle manufacturers. Crucially, consumers are buying into the relative low cost of advanced, potentially life-saving systems.

Very few companies have achieved dual success at the awards (just 2% of winners receive two awards) and we believe this demonstrates not only the relevance of rFpro’s innovation, but the disruptive impact it is having on the industry in line with the above safety figures. This is arguably the most exciting time in the automotive industry’s history; technology has never moved on so quickly and its potential is huge. Safety is of paramount importance and perhaps the eventual, often-quoted ‘zero road fatalities’ dream is an attainable one. Time will tell.

We would like to take this opportunity to whole heartedly thank everybody at rFpro who has enabled the company to be a double Queen’s Award winner. Well done!

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