Managing Big Data for ADAS & Automated Vehicles (SAE Seminar)

Thursday, July 26, 2018 at Noon U.S. EDT

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Big Data is a both-sides-of-the-street opportunity – and concern – as vehicles adopt increasing levels of driver-assistance and autonomous functionality. Software and hardware developers are grappling with how best to manage the enormous amount of onboard data required for ADAS and autonomous functions to work safely and reliably. But the data harvested by ADAS and autonomous vehicles also has immense commercial potential that is only beginning to be considered, as all constituents ponder how to unlock Big Data’s value and, at the same time, ensure privacy and security.

This Technical Webinar from the editors of SAE International features a panel of experts who will focus on what Big Data means for ADAS and automated vehicles.

  • Chris Heiser, Co-Founder and CEO of Renovo, a developer of software platforms for the adoption of automated mobility on-demand systems, will discuss the major trends associated with Big Data and then talk about building an operating system for highly automated vehicles, gathering multiple terabytes of data via vehicle sensors, and analyzing and refining the data collected.
  • Chris Hoyle, Technical Director of simulation software specialist rFpro, will describe the challenges faced, and solutions adopted, when scaling simulated experiments of autonomous vehicles to match the complexity of the real world, as OEMs and Tier 1s scale their simulation to billions of virtual miles to validate CAV performance and safety.
  • Advancing beyond autonomous levels 2-3 toward levels 4-5 autonomous vehicles is driving the need for a massive increase in the data collection capabilities of real-time on-vehicle data-collection systems utilized in the measurement, calibration, and validation of the software in the ADAS electronic control systems. Todd Collins, Design Engineering Manager at ETAS, a provider of solutions for the development of embedded systems, will discuss some use cases of these measurement and calibration systems and the drivers of increased data.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations.

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