Including over 50km of various types of road, Millbrook Proving Ground is a private track which first opened in 1970. Originally used for traditional vehicle testing, rFpro’s digital model of Millbrook ensures that results from testing in simulation can be correlated with those obtained on the real-life tracks.



Testing at this proving ground provides a safe environment for controlled testing of autonomous experiments and a natural, real-world, extension to Millbrook customers’ software engineering processes. The Millbrook model contains over 50km of various types of road, including ADAS and autonomous facilities, wet and dry handling, ride and durability routes.


The virtual world created by rFpro can be populated by ego vehicles (the customer’s vehicles) as well as by semi-intelligent swarm traffic and programmed traffic. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic can share the road network correctly with perfectly synchronised traffic and pedestrian signals, following the rules of the road, while also allowing ad-hoc behaviour, such as pedestrians stepping into the road, to provoke an emergency. This allows digital experiments to precisely mirror the real-world tests conducted on the physical proving ground at Millbrook.


Human test drivers can interact with this virtual world in full-scale driving simulators, or at desktop workstations with basic steering and pedal controls. This allows drivers to test cars with ADAS systems, to be passengers in a car under the control of a fully autonomous system, or to simply drive around the virtual world to either subjectively assess the behaviour of autonomous vehicles, or to provoke emergency scenarios and evaluate the response.

We also have many digital models of real-life towns and cities across the world.

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