Software Developer – Digital Model Production Toolset (Owner)

Role Overview

This is a great opportunity to manage and develop the tools used by our teams to deliver rFpro digital model content to customers. The post-holder will work efficiently with large LiDAR datasets, helping our Content Team to produce detailed graphical 3D models, as well as engineering grade road surfaces. Alongside developing production tools, the role also involves maintaining and improving quality control procedures and supporting the production of functional road network descriptions to allow for real time traffic simulations and experiments (Open Drive, SUMO, IPG Road5). In addition, there is scope within this role for the right candidate to contribute significantly to both internal and customer-facing software developments.

About rFpro

rFpro is a member of the AB Dynamics plc group of companies. We provide engineering-grade driving simulation software, enabling our customers to develop vehicles, systems and components safely and efficiently. We serve the motorsports and automotive industries, playing a key role in the latter’s highly challenging progression towards automated driving. Our automotive customers are the world’s largest car manufacturers, tier one suppliers and sensor developers. In motorsport we are the market leader of professional driver-in-the-loop simulator software. The champions of every leading professional motorsport category are our customers – in the USA, Europe, UK, Japan & Australia. rFpro’s global teams are passionate about their work. They are motivated to share their expertise across the business, contributing to this dynamic industry. Supported by a friendly, progressive and inclusive culture, individuals benefit from true flexible working, combining remote and office-based locations to enhance work-life balance as well as productivity.


Meeting with the Content Engineering Team, Art Team and Sales/Support Teams to understand and plan the software tools maintenance and development needs.
Maintaining and developing existing software tools for:

  • LiDAR data processing & handling
  • Engineering surfacing of drivable ground surfaces
  • Validation of drivable surfaces
  • 3D visualisation of LiDAR survey data
  • HD surface generation for rFpro real-time software
  • HD surface generation in industry standard formats
  • Road Network production – in OpenDrive, SUMO and IPG Road5 formats
  • Quality Control of graphical content and HD surface products before customer delivery
  • Future needs and requests of customers and internal team
  • Production of newly emerging content capability (e.g OpenDrive and Road5 road networks) and aiming to transition this capability into Content Engineering Team members when the tools are matured
  • Working on customer facing software developments when the task and project opportunities arise as part of our Agile software development cycle.
  • As the company expands and grows, there will be future developments and additions to these activities. These are expected to be embraced by the Software Developer.

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience


  • A degree in Software Engineering or similar
  • Extensive C# knowledge
  • Developing runtime efficient applications for computationally intensive tasks
  • Ability to learn/operate/understand smaller existing code routines in C++, Python and MATLAB
  • Ability to understand and translate mathematical formulas into application routines


  • Mesh geometry creation / surfacing routines
  • Planning and managing large volume data handling and processing
  • Rhino and it’s plugin architecture
  • 3DS-Max scripts
  • OpenDrive, SUMO and/or IPG Road5 Road Network usage or creation
  • Working with internal colleagues to deliver operational tools
  • Working knowledge of IT processing and data storage hardware systems

Join us

The primary locations for this role will be split between home-based working and our engineering office in Romsey, Hampshire. It is envisaged that a large proportion of the role will be able to accommodate home working (if desired), with office working days used for interacting with the Content Engineering Team to explore their tool needs, testing and deployment of new tools into the production cycle.

We offer a highly competitive benefits package.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all staff and job applicants. We do not discriminate against staff based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

To apply for this vacancy, please email your CV and a cover letter to

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