Virtual Test
rFpro has long been used to provide camera sensor feeds for testing ADAS and Autonomous systems in simulation. A recent project, however, required the testing in simulation of a virtual surround sensor with 360 degree vision. Sensors with a field of view in excess of 180 degrees are no longer uncommon, for example the 250...
A video from Dassault Systèmes showing a demonstration of ADAS testing with a SIMPACK plant model, active cruise control and lane keeping, along a simple multi-lane test road in rFpro.
Chris Hoyle, Technical Director at rFpro, discusses AI and autonomous vehicles with Rory Cellan-Jones for the recent episode of BBC TechTent Listen to it here
rFpro have developed a solution to provide a total understanding and appreciation of road surfaces that would allow an autonomously operated vehicle’s intelligent systems to recognize and appreciate the potential effects on a vehicle of anything from mild camber changes and potholes on a minor road, to cracks on a freeway. Read more about the...
A paper outlining the role of digital road models in the virtual testing of autonomous vehicles will be presented at the Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium (Stuttgart, Germany, 16-18 June) Read more at Intelligent Mobility Insight
We are continually told that driverless cars are tomorrow’s world. Already the idea that they will feature at the 2020 Olympic Games is a given. In the meantime, an engineering team at rFpro have been looking at the ways in which to test these vehicles accurately in a safe, virtual environment using a simulator. To...
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