New approach to simulation set to revolutionise autonomous vehicle training and testing The new software is being successfully employed by global Tier1 supplier DENSO and leading autonomous vehicle technology provider Ambarella rFpro software generates high-volume, high-quality training data at a fraction of the cost of traditional manual annotation New software is 10,000 times faster than...
Ansible Motion, one of rFpro’s reseller partners, have just announced their newest product, Theta C, ” a compact, self-contained and powerful driving simulator that can be used to validate driver assistance systems and autonomous technologies in today’s vehicles”. Contact Ansible Motion for demonstrations and purchasing information for their range of turn-key products with built in rFpro.
There has been lots of bad press for AI companies testing their autonomous vehicles, too early, on public roads, causing the deaths of drivers and other road users.  Yet AI benefits enormously from testing with real human road users.  Billions of dollars have been invested in autonomous vehicles and without a safe means to test...
The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) has acquired the latest generation driving simulator to assist with testing and validating ADAS and autonomous technology. Read full article here.
AB Dynamics have just released a video of their driving simulator being used to test ADAS systems in rFpro.  Involving human test drivers earlier in the development cycle, by testing in simulation, saves time and money and helps ensure consumer acceptance.
This video shows the new Virtual Millbrook Proving Ground, the result of a year long collaboration between rFpro and Millbrook to help create a road-map leading to the regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles.
Global computer technology company Nvidia has announced rFpro as a software partner at the GPU Technology Conference Japan 2018. rFpro will provide the virtual environment used to develop autonomous vehicles (AV) in Nvidia Drive Sim and Nvidia Drive Constellation. For more details, read here.
Thursday, July 26, 2018 at Noon U.S. EDT (Register Here) Big Data is a both-sides-of-the-street opportunity – and concern – as vehicles adopt increasing levels of driver-assistance and autonomous functionality. Software and hardware developers are grappling with how best to manage the enormous amount of onboard data required for ADAS and autonomous functions to work...
rFpro partners Claytex are celebrating 20 years as a leading vendor of modelling and simulation with a new corporate video that shows off the use of rFpro for testing ADAS and Autonomous systems on real-world models.
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