Scott Lindstrom, Ford’s ADAS Development Manager, explains how the rFpro simulators, installed by Ansible Motion, are now being used for road car development. Read the full article at Vehicle Dynamics International
rFpro in action, demonstrating technology transfer from Racing to road cars at GM Read the article at
Chris Hoyle talks to Leigh O’Gorman of Race Car Engineering about the benefit of rFpro in the challenging environments of Formula E. The article highlights the importance of an accurate road surface model to the Formula E race teams and its role in extracting every last joule of energy from their battery pack. For subscription...
Stuart Birch at SAE Automotive Engineering discusses the importance of accurate circuit simulation for the Formula E race series. Read the full article here
Chris Hoyle, Technical Director at rFpro, discusses AI and autonomous vehicles with Rory Cellan-Jones for the recent episode of BBC TechTent Listen to it here
“Real-world” fuel consumption and emissions testing is becoming central to OEM new car/new powertrain programs. Read about how rFpro can help meet targets at SAE International.
Chris Hoyle, Technical Director of rFpro talks to Matthew Beecham at Just Auto on the importance of driver input in the virtual development process. Click through to read the full article at Just Auto.
Automotive World talks to rFpro about the future of simulation tool development. Read the full article at Automotive World. Simulation tools to become lightning fast and pocket-sized
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