New simulation approach significantly advances tyre modelling within rFpro Tyre model integration provides access to detailed road surface data helping motorsport teams to better simulate tyres and improve their understanding of tyre behaviour MegaRide to be the first integrated partner For the first time, simulation software specialist rFpro is integrating third-party tyre model suppliers directly...
The team use rFpro simulation for race car development, driver training and performance optimisation. Read more here
The SAE’s Autonomous Vehicle Engineering magazine has published a report on how rFpro has accelerated the move away from testing autonomous vehicles on public roads, by testing them in simulation. This is a print only article, the magazine is quickly becoming one of the leading international AV titles, so worth subscribing to in our opinion.
Automotive World have published a special report into the testing of autonomous vehicles, which features contributions from rFpro and six of our customers. Access the research section of their website here to find out more about the report.
Automotive Testing Technology International magazine talk to rFpro, MIRA and Idiada about the use of Digital Twins to reduce the time and costs of testing. Read the full article here.
We are delighted to announce that rFpro has been recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise with a double award.  They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses.  It’s an accolade to inspire any business and very few have achieved dual success in one year.  It’s doubly satisfying for rFpro not only because of...
This article from Claytex describes how the same approach can be used by commercial rFpro users to develop their Perception strategy for autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems. The article describes evaluations in simulation of three range-doppler radars that scan in the azimuth plane. These types of sensor allow estimation of range, angle and velocity of...
Claytex have built a number of physically modelled sensors for their customers to use in rFpro. Here’s a demo of the latest, a model of the Velodyne HDL-32E. rFpro allows the creation of physical sensor models for use in Perception simulation, for the testing and validation of ADAS and AV systems. Read the full article...
Claytex are in the news describing how they are using rFpro for their customers’ Autonomous projects and showing details of their new sensor models. Read the article here.
rFpro is in the May 2018 Autonomous Vehicle International. Read the full article here
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