Dynamics Simulation
In the July issue of RaceTech magazine, Toyota’s TMG describe how, in the run up to this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hour race, the TS050 was tested in the virtual world on their simulator before the car reached the racetrack. For more information, subscribe to racetechmag here
rFpro Systems Integrators ABD (Anthony Best Dynamics) have released a video with full technical specs for their new driving Simulator. ABD claim their new design to be industry leading in three key areas: greatest excursion capability, highest frequency response, lowest latency. Their new demonstration facility opened for business this week and rFpro staff in attendance...
For the first time, commercial vehicle makers can simulate vehicle dynamics with sufficient realism to develop control systems, handling and safety systems with a human driver in a virtual environment, thanks to software from rFpro. Read the full article on