Driving Simulation
UK specialist software company rFpro is supplying simulator software to power the world’s first vehicle dynamics grade DIL simulator for a motorcycle application. The technology allows manufacturers to evaluate alternative chassis configurations using riders with different styles and ability levels in a controlled, safe environment, with unprecedented repeatability. Read the full article on Autocar Professional
“Real-world” fuel consumption and emissions testing is becoming central to OEM new car/new powertrain programs. Read about how rFpro can help meet targets at SAE International.
Chris Hoyle, Technical Director of rFpro talks to Matthew Beecham at Just Auto on the importance of driver input in the virtual development process. Click through to read the full article at Just Auto.
Automotive World talks to rFpro about the future of simulation tool development. Read the full article at Automotive World. Simulation tools to become lightning fast and pocket-sized
For the first time, commercial vehicle makers can simulate vehicle dynamics with sufficient realism to develop control systems, handling and safety systems with a human driver in a virtual environment, thanks to software from rFpro. Read the full article on
MTS Systems has engaged simulator software specialist rFpro for its latest vehicle driving simulator. rFpro’s low latency and high bandwidth technology, combined with its high definition road modelling, provides the necessary engineering quality and immersion for realistic evaluation and testing by a human driver of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle dynamics. Read more...
The MTS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) featuring rFpro is a next-generation driving simulator engineered to provide automotive OEMs, motorsports teams and Tier 1 suppliers a revolutionary means for accelerating and streamlining development processes. Read about it on the MTS website.
Tire Technology International magazine explore options from rFpro partners MTS and Ansible for simulated testing. Read more about it on their website.
Mark Gillan, the director of the motorsports technology group at MTS Systems reveals more details of the new simulator developed in collaboration with McLaren. Read more on Automotive Testing Technology International
MTS Systems and McLaren Applied Technologies Join Forces to Commercialize Next-Generation Vehicle Dynamics Simulator Read more on MTS.
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