Your Vehicle Model

Simple Vehicle Model Integration

rFpro has the ability to communicate with your vehicle model in an impressive variety of ways…

Windows Based Car Models

If you have a CarMaker or CarSim model running on windows, we can wrap around your model in just a few clicks, providing the model execution control (read more our real time execution)

Real-Time Hardware – 32 bit

If you have your own vehicle model running on real-time hardware, we can provide Simulink blocksets compatible for compiling to dSpace, vTAG, Speedgoat (and many more). We also have an API for writing your own code.

These will communicate from your model to our rFpro hardware providing the model positions and states for positioning the graphics and contact patch points. We’ll send back the ground surface interaction information and can provide many environmental conditions and timing beacons etc.

Real-Time Hardware – 64 bit

We can run alongside your model on a Concurrent solution, taking advantage of its 64-bit, mutli-core environment to run our Terrain Server surface modelling in real-time. This will share memory with your model, eliminating the external communications for the highest bandwidth components.

Put simply, if we haven't already integrated with a vehicle model in a way you need then we'll work with you to see it happen.

See some of the Vehicle Models and Vendors we are already working with.

Vertical Surface Modelling

Vehicles can interact with more than just the horizontal ground surface. When driving on streets or tracks it is not unknown for vehicles to come into contact with guardrails, walls or even other vehicles! Our environment can provide collision information back to your vehicle model, with the position and size of a collision being reported.