• Experience Virtual Test Driving at the Open House hosted by IPG Automotive

    The Open House hosted by IPG Automotive has established itself as industry meeting for virtual test driving. Every year in March, users and prospective customers of the automotive and supplier industry as well as research institutes and universities meet in Karlsruhe to exchange information and learn about innovations of the industry. At the event, IPG Automotive presents news about the CarMaker product family as well as hardware products and test systems.

  • Visit rFpro at the dSpace User Conference UK - 25/11/2015

    On the 25th November 2015, rFpro will be attending the dSpace User conference. Come and chat to us on our stand.

  • rFpro helps MTS Systems speed up driving simulator

    MTS Systems has engaged simulator software specialist rFpro for its latest vehicle driving simulator. rFpro's low latency and high bandwidth technology, combined with its high definition road modelling, provides the necessary engineering quality and immersion for realistic evaluation and testing by a human driver of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle dynamics.

  • Introducing the MTS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS)

    The MTS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) featuring rFpro is a next-generation driving simulator engineered to provide automotive OEMs, motorsports teams and Tier 1 suppliers a revolutionary means for accelerating and streamlining development processes.

  • Why digital modelling Detroit highways matters

    Chris Hoyle, technical director at rFpro, speaks to Matthew Beecham at Just Auto, answering questions such as "How does rFpro's digital road modelling service help vehicle manufacture?" and "What level of detail do you have to provide, in order for a simulator to be effective?"

  • Testing tires in the simulator

    Tire Technology International magazine explore options from rFpro partners MTS and Ansible for simulated testing.

  • Road-surface modeling aims to support autonomous driving

    rFpro have developed a solution to provide a total understanding and appreciation of road surfaces that would allow an autonomously operated vehicle’s intelligent systems to recognize and appreciate the potential effects on a vehicle of anything from mild camber changes and potholes on a minor road, to cracks on a freeway.

  • rFpro to present a technical paper on development tool at the Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium

    A paper outlining the role of digital road models in the virtual testing of autonomous vehicles will be presented at the Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development Symposium (Stuttgart, Germany, 16-18 June)

  • MTS launch Driver-In-The-Loop simulator using rFpro for the graphics and digital road modelling.

    Mark Gillan, the director of the motorsports technology group at MTS Systems reveals more details of the new simulator developed in collaboration with McLaren.

  • rFpro wins Development Tool of the Year

    rFpro wins Development Tool of the Year, for its advanced road-modeling service. rFpro picked up top marks from over 90 percent of the judging panel drawn from industry experts and specialists, reflecting the scale of the company’s achievement and its value to the wider industry.



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