Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

Simple Vehicle Model Integration

Customers are using rFpro to help with a wide variety of vehicle dynamics testing including handling, limit performance, atribute target setting, primary ride, secondary ride, tyre testing, steering systems, subjective-objective consensus, ABS, stability control, torque vectoring, drivetrain calibration, longitudinal compliance, Hybrid-IC-EV calibration . . .

rFpro has the ability to communicate with your vehicle model in an impressive variety of ways…

FMU, IO Block, API

rFpro does not include a Vehicle Model. rFpro wraps around your vehicle models and includes off-the-shelf interfaces exist for all the mainstream vehicle modelling tools across a wide variety of platforms. Interfaces operate via FMI, Simulink IO Block or S-Function, UDP or C++ API spanning Windows, dSPACE, Concurrent Realtime, Speedgoat etc.

Real-Time Hardware – 32 bit

If you have your own vehicle model running on real-time hardware, we can provide Simulink blocksets compatible for compiling to dSpace, vTAG, Speedgoat (and many more). We also have an API for writing your own code.

Real-Time Hardware – 64 bit

We can run alongside your model on a Concurrent solution, taking advantage of its 64-bit, mutli-core environment to run our Terrain Server surface modelling in real-time. This will share memory with your model, eliminating the external communications for the highest bandwidth components.

Put simply, if we haven't already integrated with a vehicle model in a way you need then we'll work with you to see it happen.

See some of the Vehicle Models and Vendors we are already working with.