Real Time Execution

64 bit real time

We can run alongside your model on Concurrent real-time hardware, taking advantage of its 64-bit, mutli-core environment to run our Terrain Server ground surface interaction in real-time. This will share memory with your model, eliminating the external communications for the ground surface calculations. Your rFpro graphics system runs on external dedicated hardware to maximise the visual performance.

32 bit real time

For 32bit platforms, we can provide Simulink blocksets compatible for compiling to dSpace, vTAG, Speedgoat (and many more) and also have an API for writing your own code.

These communicate from your model to our rFpro hardware providing the model states for positioning the graphics and contact patch. We’ll send back the ground surface interaction results and can provide many environmental conditions and timing beacons etc.

Linux & Windows

A Linux real-time operating system is also supported alongside rFpro’s ability to act as a soft-real-time host on Windows 7 or 10, 32bit or 64bit. Jitter is a function of model rate and is very low, typically 25µs at 1kHz, reducing as the frequency increases.

Hardware In The Loop

Simulators are far more than just a tool for a human driver to give subjective feedback on the handling and feel of a vehicle. They offer the chance to test out an array of hardware, software and firmware developments with the real-life nature of human inputs and their associated unpredictability and inconsistencies. SIL & HIL testing of ECU software, ADAS, driver displays, driver controls, ABS, Traction control mean an investment in a real-time platform and HIL interface opens up your Simulator facility to a huge range of departments across vehicle development and testing.