High Bandwidth

True Graphics Power

We deliver true high bandwidth graphics solutions.

Highest resolution, 120Hz+ graphics can be used on as many individual channels as you need. We aren’t limited to the power of one machine… Our models are optimized for ground based simulation so have a higher level of detail than anything else on the market.

We can deliver stereo, 3D, additional channels as you require.

High Bandwidth Road Surface

Quality graphics are easy to see but road modelling is the fundamental “unseen” area where rFpro stands out from the rest.

Our highest bandwidth road surface option leverages the power of off-the-shelf parallel computing to run over a LiDAR point-cloud in real-time. This is particularly suitable for evaluation of higher frequencies, such as ride, secondary ride and impact harshness.

With this high bandwidth data feed, the limiting factor becomes your tyre model, not the road surface. The bandwidth available from rFactor Pro is sufficient for you to model NVH. At present, clients with their own tyre models are taking advantage of this feature, however commercial tyre models are also available for lower frequency results.

Unbeaten Performance

High density LiDAR scanned road surface data can be fed at up to 5KHz to your tyre and vehicle models. This provides a new level of realism and accuracy to the simulation. If you are running on a Concurrent 64bit Real-Time platform then you can take advantage of Terrain Server running side-by-side with your vehicle model, eliminating external communications.